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Amato Earrings - Silver

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Silver Linings Collective Original Design

  • 925 Sterling Silver Base
  • Fresh Water Pearls
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Available in 18K Gold Plated

Pearls represent purity, innocence, love & fidelity. Their associations with keeping tears at bay as well as promoting strong marital bonds make them even more meaningful as bridal jewelry.

Mix and match with other pieces from our range x


How do I care for my SLC Original pieces?
As Silver Linings Collective pieces are fine and delicate we recommend removing your jewellery when coming into contact with water. This includes exercising, showering and swimming as moisture can damage the plating. Although you want to smell delicious, try avoid spraying perfume directly on your jewellery. This will enable your SLC pieces to last longer.

Sterling silver pieces can be cleaned using a polishing cloth. Gold and rose gold plated pieces should be cleaned very gently with a dry soft polishing cloth. Please note that depending on the ware, plated pieces will eventually need to be re-plated every few years due to the top metal rubbing off.

To ensure your jewellery doesn't oxidise or tangle when not being worn, we recommend placing your SLC pieces in a safe dry place away from direct sunlight


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Amato Earrings - Silver

Amato Earrings - Silver