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Harrïe & Sam Original Design

Last year we had the opportunity, through Silver Linings Collective, to create some bespoke jewellery exclusive to HS. Because jewellery is a personal and special thing we have decided that each team member will have a turn at creating a jewellery set that reflects what they hold close. As a business owner, it is important to Stacey that we continue to share aspects of our unique personal journeys, as that is what makes us who we are. We will each tell a story through our jewellery design and explain its meaning and importance. $10 from every piece sold will be donated to a charity that holds special significance for each of us.

First up is Stacey...

“This earring and necklace set has been created in sterling silver and 18k gold plated and I’ve chosen to name it ‘Kindness’. Sadly Christmas day just gone we lost our dad, who was far too young, to cancer. He said it was important to be kind and show kindness. Anyone could be nice, but it's harder to be kind. Dad showed this in every way possible in how he lived his day to day life. When dad was well enough he took me out to buy a necklace so I would always have something to remember him by. The piece I chose has a rope design on it, so I wanted to incorporate this same pattern into my set to represent strength and connection through kindness. This is something I try to weave into my business as well as my personal life. The star and stone represent light & happiness which dad held closely too.

The charity I have chosen to support through these sales is Hospice Waikato. The team there portrayed all the qualities above and treated dad with so much dignity and respect. He was incredibly grateful for them and the way they worked.”



How do I care for my Harrïe & Sam Original pieces?
As Harrïe & Sam jewellery pieces are fine and delicate we recommend removing your jewellery when coming into contact with water. This includes exercising, showering and swimming as moisture can damage the plating. Although you want to smell delicious, try to avoid spraying perfume directly on your jewellery. This will enable your pieces to last longer.
Sterling silver pieces can be cleaned using a polishing cloth. Gold and rose gold plated pieces should be cleaned very gently with a dry soft polishing cloth. Please note that depending on the ware, plated pieces will eventually need to be re-plated every few years due to the top metal rubbing off.
To ensure your jewellery doesn't oxidise or tangle when not being worn, we recommend placing your pieces in a safe dry place away from direct sunlight

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